Ningbo Yongshen Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.

Ningbo Yongshen Electric Appliance Co., Ltd updated the CSA certification.

On November 17, 2020, the Ningbo Yongshen Electric Appliance Co., Ltd updated CSA report 1610337 to add new models YD1.5-1C-1, YD1.5-1AC-1, YD1.5-2AC-1, YD1.5-1BC-1, YD1.5-2BC-1, YD1.5-1BP, YD1.5-2BP, YD1.5-3P, YD1.5-4P, YD1.5-5AP, YD1.5-6AP, YD1.5-3BP, YD1.5-4BP, YD1.5-5DP, YD1.5-6DP, YD1.5-5BP, YD1.5-6BP, YD1.5-7DP, YD1.5-7BP, YD1.5-8BP, YD1.5-1E, YD1.5-2E, YD1.5-1EC, YD1.5-2EC, YD1.5-1F, YD1.5-2F, YD1.5-1FC, YD1.5-2FC, YD9-1DG, YD9-2DG, YD1.5-1M, YD1.5-2M, YD1.5-1MC, YD1.5-2MC, YD1.5-1MP, YD1.5-2MP, YDF1.5-1G, YDF1.5-2G, YDF3-1G, YDF3-2G, YDF9-1G, YDF9-2G, YDF12-1G, YDF12-2G, YDF18-1G, YDF18-2G, YDF1.5-1K, YA120-1S, YA120-2, YA120-4, YA120-6  YA120-8  which use the new pressing button, new outer shell, and some certified products add the different input voltage models.


Post time: Dec-10-2020